amazon goes down a week before Christmas

UPDATE 2 seems to be back up but it has been buggy. Items that were in the cart are now being allowed for purchase.

From staff
“We’ve heard some customers may be having difficulty placing orders right now. We’re very sorry and we expect to have the checkout process fully functioning again soon. We’re able to assist with most questions, but if you need help with placing an order, please try again later.” is experiencing problems eight days before Christmas. For the past thirty minutes users have been tweeting their frustration about not being able to make purchases.

Here are some tweets from frustrated online shoppers.

It seems everything that goes into their cart comes up unavailable. We tried to put something in our cart and we got the same thing. Each time we went to buy something it showed up as out of stock despite being shown in stock before clicking ‘Add to Cart’.

Today is one of Amazon’s biggest selling days of the year with folks at home trying to find last minute Christmas deals online without having to go fight crowds at the mall or department stores.

According to online staff it seems to be an issue that has affected the entire site and it’s not known when it will be fixed. Hopefully Amazon can get this straightened out and get the site back up and running tonight. Shareholders will have a fit if the site isn’t back up soon.