Bernie Sanders calls out Donald Trump for flip-flopping on Healthcare

Now that Donald Trump is in office he intends to burn Obamacare to the ground. It’s been no secret that he wants to get rid of the current healthcare system but hasn’t really set forth what he wants to do. Bernie Sanders has been very vocal about universal healthcare and has taken to Twitter to point out that fifteen years ago Trump was in favor of universal health care.

Sanders will likely be a thorn in Trump’s side championing this issue. Last week the Vermont Senator called out Trump on the Senate floor and is trying to put the President-Elect in a bad spot by pointing out the flip-flop. In 2015 Trump said via Twitter, “I was the first & only GOP presidential candidate to state there will be no cuts to Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid.” Then four months later he told 60 Minutes that his health care plan would cover everybody.

Trump is under fire from the left and has been ever since he won the Presidency in November. And if there’s one thing about an entitlement, once you give someone something it’s really hard to take it away. But Republicans typically aren’t big on entitlements and our new President will have to figure out a way to keep people happy and get them coverage if he wants to unite a very polarized country.

You can check out Trump’s healthcare proposal on his website.

With Hillary Clinton staying out the public eye Sanders has the clout to take the fight to Trump and keep the issue out front and center and in the mainstream media. Sanders lost a close and contentious Democratic Primary that turned out to be basically rigged for Clinton as Wikileaks would exploit. If he keeps fighting the good fight for the left, even though he’s really an independent Sanders could have a major voice in 2020 when the Democrats choose their candidate.