Bernie Sanders slams Donald Trump for picking wealthy cabinet members

After vowing to drain the swamp on the campaign trail this summer Donald Trump has come under fire from the left for nominating wealthy and successful businessmen and women for cabinet positions. Leading the charge is Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders who called out the President-Elect on Twitter yesterday.

Twenty cabinet positions will require Senate confirmations while only four, White House Counsel, Chief of Staff, Chief Strategist and National Security Advisor will not.

Trump’s most controversial pick is Rex Tillerson who as CEO of ExxonMobil knows how to make deals in other countries. He has also been labeled by the media as a friend of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Tillerson made $28 million in 2013 and got a raise to $33 million in 2014. Liberals are always making an issue out of CEO pay and it can be argued that they do make too much money. But when he becomes the Secretary of State he will take a pay cut by making only $186,000.

Another controversial pick is Betsy DeVos who has been chosen for Education Secretary. DeVos is the daughter-in-law of the founder of Amway and is a billionaire several times over. She is involved in fundraising for the GOP and is also hands-on with several charities. Like Tillerson, DeVos has also come under fire for her wealth.

Linda McMahon has been chosen the Administrator of the Small Business Administration. McMahon is the wife of WWE Chairman and CEO. The McMahons and Trumps go way back as the WWE held Wrestlemania 4 and 5 at Trump Plaza. Donald Trump is seen on camera sitting ringside. A few years later at Wrestlemania 23 Trump shaved Vince McMahon’s head after a match. Linda McMahon ran twice unsuccessfully for United States Senate in Connecticut but has been involved in fundraising and the Republican party. She donated $6 million to a GOP SuperPAC this year that helped push Trump over the edge in the election. While it’s not known what Linda is worth, her husband is thought to be a billionaire due to the success of the WWE.

I can understand liberals being concerned about Trump appointing so many wealthy people to cabinet positions but at least they didn’t get rich being in office. The problem with Washington is that politicians get into office and make their money from lobbyists and never get anything done. By appointing people who are already wealthy it makes lobbyist’s jobs a lot harder because they don’t need the money or whatever else they try to promise them.

We will have to wait and see if these people get the green light from the Senate next year. Trump is clearly draining the swamp of career politicians and lobbyists. But will all the rich fat cats scratch their buddies backs or work on behalf of the American people when they get into office? That’s the question that Bernie Sanders wants answered.

Trump has been quite complimentary of Sanders but if the President-Elect doesn’t do what he says he’s going to do the Senator from Vermont will be his worst enemy.