GNR 2016 reunion

Guns N Roses to appear on Jimmy Kimmel Jan. 6th

Will they or won’t they? That’s the question Guns N Roses fans have been asking themselves lately when it comes to the rumors of a 2016 reunion. Axl Rose and Slash have buried the hatchet and ever since a trailer for a Guns N Roses concert aired before Star Wars last month everyone is talking about a GNR reunion.

Now the rumor is that the day after the Coachella lineup is announced on Jan. 5th Axl and the band will appear on Jimmy Kimmel to perform a few songs and show the world that they are back and ready to rock despite being in their 50s.

Despite all the buzz Axl Rose had a little fun with the rumors and confirmed his love of Taco Bell on Twitter during New Years.

Taco Bell is pretty good. But a Guns N Roses reunion would be awesome. Hopefully next week will have confirmation of something all GNR fans have waited 20 years for.