Hillary Clinton goes Broadway as Rumors Swirl About an NYC Mayoral Campaign

Hillary Clinton has been lying low since losing the Presidential Election to Donald Trump in November but emerged on Sunday to see ‘The Color Purple’ with her husband, Bill Sunday at the Bernard B. Jacobs Theatre in New York City. The crowd erupted when she came in and her supporters shouted words of encouragement to her.

Bill and Hillary will be at Trump’s Inauguration later this month along with other former Presidents. A lot of her supporters are still upset and have tried everything under the sun to keep Trump from becoming the President but Congress certified the results of the election last week. Protests by Democratic Congress members were shut down by Vice President Joe Biden and freshman Representative Pramila Jayapal was rebuked by the VP for her actions.

A lot of Hillary supporters want her to run again in 2020 but by then she will be 73. In four years the party may look a lot different as Bernie Sanders brought in a lot of young liberal voters who may reshape the party. But never say never. There have been rumblings that Hillary may run for mayor of New York. The next mayoral election will be next November. The incumbent Bill de Blasio is eligible to run for another term. However, he is a Democrat and Clinton may not want to rock the boat and challenge the sitting mayor who is also a Democrat.

We will have to stay tuned to see if Hillary makes a comeback. She is popular in New York from her time as a Senator there. A mayoral run could be very intriguing.