Hillary Clinton still laying low despite Electoral College vote on Monday

Hillary Clinton has been lying low since losing the election to Donald Trump last month. She was spotted hiking in New York a few days after the election but since then no one really knows what she’s been doing. Saturday Night Live even did a spoof on Clinton similar to Bigfoot a few weeks ago due to the fact that she seemed to have gone into hiding after the election.

On Thursday Clinton hosted a party for fundraisers and supporters at the Plaza Hotel in New York City. Those in attendance noted it was more of a wake than party due to the somber tone of the former Secretary of State. Top aides Huma Abedin and John Podesta were at the party.

At the event Clinton blamed her loss to FBI Director James Comey and Russian President Vladimir Putin. Comey reopened the investigation into Clinton’s use of her own private email server while she was the secretary of state. Putin and Russia are being blamed for hacking into the DNC and her campaign manager John Podesta’s email. Wikileaks published both hacks and it wound up causing a lot of problems for Clinton down the stretch of her campaign. Questions about the Clinton foundation and the Democratic primary being rigged in her favor came from Wikileaks and she never quite recovered as Trump won in a pretty big upset.

Clinton won the popular vote in last month’s election but lost in the electoral college. She did well in heavily populated areas that lean to the left such as New York and California, but didn’t do as well in swing states that had lost a lot of manufacturing jobs like Michigan and Pennsylvania.

Since the loss Clinton hasn’t been active on Twitter. Clinton’s last tweet came on November 26, two and a half weeks after the election. Before the election she tweeting numerous times each day.

The Electoral College votes on Monday to determine the actual winner of the election. Some states hold electors to the candidate that won the vote in their state while others do not. There are rumblings about Democrats who are working to try to get electors to flip. Clinton hasn’t publicly commented on the electors but her campaign chief John Podesta has been outspoken about getting electors briefed on alleged hacking by the Russians despite Wikileaks chief Juilan Assange’s denial of getting the emails from Russia.

Chris Suprun, a Republican elector in Texas has stated publicly in an op-ed piece in the New York Times that he will not vote for Trump Monday. Instead he is considering Ohio Governor John Kasich. Right now Trump leads 306 to 232 in the Electoral College. If Suprun defects and votes for another candidate he will lead 305 to 232. Trump only needs 270 so he will still likely win unless 32 GOP electors switch their vote for Clinton.

Monday will be an interesting day and we will have to wait and see if Clinton comes out of hiding to try to get electors to elect her instead of Clinton. As of now she doesn’t have the votes but Democrats still have a couple of days to figure out a way to get her name on their ballots instead of Trump.