Lane Kiffin Reacts to Alabama Losing to Clemson in National Championship Game

Nick Saban made waves just before the biggest game of the year. Known as one of the greatest coaches of all time Saban made the decision to fire his offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin and promoted former Southern Cal head coach Steve Sarkisian to OC before the team’s biggest game of the year. Kiffin went on to concentrate on being the head coach on Florida Atlantic but was still showing support for the Crimson Tide on Twitter late last night.

I guess Kiffin was wearing his Alabama gear while he watched the game at home.

Kiffin was referring to linebacker Reuben Foster who had a monster game. Foster put a lot of pressure on Clemson QB DeShaun Watson all night.

The tweets stopped once Clemson took the lead so you I guess Kiffin didn’t know what to say or how to say it.

Kiffin has been a polarizing figure in college and pro football. He’s been the head coach of the Oakland Raider, Tennessee Vols, USC Trojans and worked as a coordinator all over the country usually not leaving on the best of terms with the programs and fans of the teams. His departure from USC was pretty bad and he left Tennessee after one year to go to Southern Cal.

Saban will face a lot of scrutiny for getting rid of Kiffin before the Clemson game and it’s something that will likely haunt him and the program at least until they win another championship. A lot of fans were upset of the moce on social media but you can’t second guess a guy who has won as many titles as Coach Saban.

Alabama will be stocked with blue chip talent next year and QB Jalen Hurts will have another year to get better so you shouldn’t feel sorry for Saban or the Crimson Tide.