Protesters Vandalize Starbucks and Bank of America in Washington DC

We knew there were going to be protesters today at Donald Trump’s Inauguration in Washington DC today. It was relatively quiet for most of the day due to overwhelming security but some protesters did smash in some windows at a local Starbucks and Bank of America after Trump was sworn in.

For the most part the protesters in Washington DC were respectful and peacefully demonstrated without incident. However, one bad apple can ruin the whole bunch as the media will throw them all in the same basket while covering the Inauguration.

It’s not known just who bashed in the windows at Starbucks and Bank of America as the people who broke the glass were wearing masks. Police did a great job getting to the scene and shutting things down before they got out of hand.

Law enforcement did a great job today keeping things from escalating and there were no assassination attempts on Trump or his Vice President Mike Pence despite rumblings on Twitter from upset Democrats who were only blowing off steam. Bikers for Trump came to Washington today to try to help law enforcement keep the peace but they were in town mainly just to be seen and to disarm people who might try to act up and disrupt things at the Inauguration.

Trump was sworn in at noon ET today at the Capitol in Washington DC with his wife and children by his side. Former Presidents Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, George W Bush and Barack Obama were there along with former first lady and Trump’s rival on the campaign trail, Hillary Clinton.