Rand Paul 2016

Rand Paul may get left out of CNN Debate Tuesday

When you see the ad for the GOP debate that will air on CNN next Tuesday you see the faces of Donald Trump, Ben Carson, Jeb Bush, etc. You also see a quick shot of Rand Paul. But now the Congressman from Kentucky is in trouble of not making the cut and could get left out of the debate that will air in prime time.

CNN has said that the requirement for being invited to the debate is that the candidate must be polling at least 4% in Iowa. Most polls have Paul around that number but a poll put out by CNN has him just under it. A poll that will be out this weekend will determine whether or not he will be included. Paul is fighting to be invited and is citing Carly Fiorina as the reason he should be included.

According to Paul Friday night on Fox News,

“We think if they give us the same treatment that Carly Fiorina was given last time, that you measure from debate to debate, that we do meet the criteria. We want the same in equal treatment. We have a first-tier campaign and we don’t plan on being labeled by the mainstream media anything less.”

Fiorina successfully challenged CNN in the first debate and was allowed to participate despite poor polling numbers.

Paul has gotten lost in the shuffle in the GOP race. With so many other guys on stage he doesn’t get a lot of time to talk in debates. He isn’t the prototypical Republican and a lot of people won’t give him a look because of his father, Ron Paul who tried to challenge the establishment in 2008 and 2012. He has had some memorable moments with Donald Trump in past debates but has yet to really standout in the race. It’s doubtful Paul will be able to get any momentum going to have a shot at the nomination and it’s doubtful that Trump or whoever gets it would consider him for the ticket or Vice President.