Seth Rich’s family lawyer says Russia killed Slain DNC staffer

Jack Burkman, the attorney for the family of Seth Rich has spoken out publicly for the first time since Rich was murdered last summer. Rich was a staffer for the Democratic National Committee who was killed in an alleged robbery gone wrong a block and a half away from his residence on July 10, 2016.

What makes his case so remarkable is that his wallet and phone were still on him and no money was taken. Another weird thing about his death is that he was shot in the back. Unless someone knew who he was and wanted to rob him after tailing him for a while they didn’t take anything. It’s also very strange that two weeks after his death the leaked DNC emails came out on Wikileaks. There are conspiracy theories that have Rich as the one who leaked the DNC emails to Julian Assange’s site and Assange himself actually hinted that Rich was his source when he told a reporter that his source took risks and even offered a reward to find his murderer.

As if the consiracy theories weren’t crazy enough Burkman states that Rich’s family believes that he uncovered some information about Russians hacking into the DNC to get damaging information on Hillary Clinton before the election. The Russians supposedly found out he had uncovered their plan and had him killed as a result.

This theory is pretty far our there. If Rich did stumble across some information about Russians hacking into the DNC why didn’t he report it right away and wouldn’t that have raised red flags in the Party? What makes this so outlandish is why would Russians key in on a young staffer and murder him when there are more important members of the party who had more power who were just as easy to get to. If Putin wanted to make a statement why wouldn’t he go after someone else who was established in the party who would have a role at the convention?

Rich was hired as the “voter expansion data director” by Debbie Wasserman-Schultz and it’s more likely he found out something crooked about the DNC than some plot by the Russians. There are rumors that he was set to meet with the FBI to discuss something he had found out about the Clintons. People close to the Clinton’s have been turning up dead for years. Rich could be just the next in line.

The media is on a witch hunt to pin the DNC and Podesta leaks on the Russians and if you continue to say something long enough it eventually becomes the truth. Unfortunately it looks like Seth Rich’s family is drinking the Kool-Aid. Everytime you turn on the TV you hear people talking about Russia hacking the election. To the average uninformed viewer they suddenly think Russia hacked into the polls and helped Donald Trump win. In reality someone hacked into the DNC and Clinton’s campaign manager’s emails and leaked them to Wikileaks. The left is blaming this for her loss to Trump.

We’ll probably never know who killed Rich but I’m sure the truth is crazier than most can comprehend.