Stephanie McMahon takes a cheap shot at CM Punk on RAW

It’s no secret that CM Punk burned a bridge with the WWE when he left three years ago after the Royal Rumble. Punk just up and left the promotion after he got frustrated with the storyline he was booked in. He took his ball, went home to Chicago and eventually moved to Milwaukee to train for a fight in the UFC.

Last night RAW was live in Chicago. As soon as Stephanie McMahon got in the ring to hype the opening of the show the fans let her have it with a CM Punk chant. McMahon was ready for them and replied, “If you guys could keep it up for two minutes and fifteen seconds you will last one second longer than Punk”.

Ouch. Steph was referencing Punk’s UFC debut at in September when he lost to Mickey Gall in two minutes and fifteen seconds. In fact, the fight wasn’t even close and was one of the most one-sided fights in the octagon.

Punk has maintained that he will be back and is still training for his next fight. UFC President Dana White initially said that Punk won’t be back in the UFC after his bad loss but he has softened his stance lately. It’s thought now that we will see the former WWE champ back in the octagon sometime next year. There were rumblings that he could appear on The Ultimate Fighter, the UFC’s reality show that they use to build up younger fighters.

With the way Punk left and the bad feelings on both sides we have a better chance to see him back in the octagon before we see Punk back in the squared circle working for Vince McMahon. But you never say never as McMahon has brought back guys like the Ultimate Warrior who also left on bad terms. When the McMahon’s say “Best for Business” they mean it.