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Install iOS 6 on iPhone 4S, iPad, and iPod Touch

Wednesday, September 19th, 2012

In case you aren’t one of those crazy people camping out for the new iPhone 5 Apple has released the new iOS6 for those with compatible devices such as the iPhone 4S. So even without the new phone you can now check out all the new features, apps, and fun stuff on your iPhone, iPad, and last but not least, the iPod Touch.

With iOS6 you get turn by turn navigation with Siri and instead of using Google Maps you get Tom Tom maps. Passbook is also a new feature you can use to organize coupons, discounts, and other stuff. You can even use it for travel too. Facebook and Twitter are also integrated into iOS6 which will come in pretty handy.

To download iOS6 go to the setting on your device. The look for ‘General’. Go to ‘Software Update’ and click on it. It should say iOS6. Click on ‘Download and Install’. Agree to the terms and that’s it. The new software with download and install itself in about ten minutes.

Now feel free to scoff at those waiting in line for the iphone 5 while you play with the new iOS6 on your iPhone 4S.