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Gravity gets mixed reviews, skip it and wait for Redbox

Sunday, October 6th, 2013

The new Sandra Bullock and George Clooney movie is out this week and it has been hyped to the moon, pardon the pun. With two A-listers headlining the film a lot of people are buzzing about it and say it could be up for some major awards at the end of the year. The film is about an astronaut who gets stranded in space while working on a non operating American space station when a satellite explodes sending shrapnel her way. Gravity just came out on Redbox Instant and you can now watch it on your computer. Check out the Redbox Link below to watch it with a free trial.

Check out the positive reviews.

Gravity sets a new bench mark in film making. One step ahead of James Cameron’s Avatar, it breaks new ground not just visually but also in terms of storytelling. Watch it in 3D and be mind blown!

Twenty years from now, we’ll see new writers and directors point back to Gravity as the movie that first made them realize the potential of filmmaking. But perhaps Alfonso Cuarón’s masterwork will have an effect in the meantime, as well.


Doctoral theses will be penned on the breath-catchingly realistic, gorgeously choreographed, entirely mesmerizing opening that director Alfonso Cuaron has conjured for Gravity

Here are the not so good ones


it’s worth noting that the film’s one flaw stems from an effort to give Bullock’s character more of a backstory than necessary, perhaps an overly sentimental one.


All told, the good outweighs the bad, but there are definite flaws preventing it from reaching the highest of levels from a story standpoint. The post-conversion 3D is serviceable, though I would still prefer to see it in 2D.

Gravity should be out at Redbox and OnDemand in February or March and if you don’t want to buy an expensive movie ticket it may be the way to go.