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Reviews say you should skip Man of Steel, watch it on Redbox in December

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

A lot of people are complaining about the new Superman movie, Man of Steel saying it’s too long. Some are saying that they are trying too hard to make him and the film more like the recent Batman movies with Christian Bale that have been successful in the past few years. And the cost of going to a theater nowadays is ridiculous. Man of Steel just came out on Redbox Instant and you can now watch it on your computer. Check out the Redbox Link below to watch it with a free trial.

While the studio has yet to announce a date for it to be released on DVD or Bluray. It’s almost a certainty that Man of Steel will be released around Christmas time in late November or early December to capitalize on all the crazy people out shopping for their kids who are fans of the film. Just about every blockbuster does the same thing. Batman, The Avengers, Total Recall, Magic Mike, and Ted all came out last summer but found their way to DVD late in the year to capitalize on Black Friday and Christmas shoppers. I’m sure Walmart will have the best deals on the DVD since they were an exclusive partner for the movie.

But if you can’t wait a few months and have the cash go ahead and see it in the theaters. Don’t forget to save your money and get some popcorn.