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Jackass Presents: Bad Grandpa gets mixed reviews wait for Redbox

Saturday, October 26th, 2013

Do you love the old Jackass TV show and movies that came out a little later? If you did then Bad Grandpa is for you. This time Johnny Knoxville took the old Sacha Baron Cohen approach and went undercover to prank regular people. The film has all the ingredients to pack theaters but will it do well in the box office? Bad Grandpa just came out on Netflix and you can now watch it on your computer. Check out the Netflix Link below to watch it with a free trial.

The reviews have been fairly mixed as the highlights are shown in the trailer that we have all seen 100 times already and now we know what is going to happen.

Roger Ebert

Speaking of raunch, “Bad Grandpa” has plenty of it, both in its framework story and the stunts perpetrated within. Despite the trailer and commercials giving away practically every setup and/or payoff, I’ve tried to avoid saying too much about the money shots. I’d say they succeed about 65-70% of the time, and that, coupled with the performances of the two leads, push this up to recommended status.

Sometimes joy buzzers — and pratfalls, and funny costumes — are really all you need for a laugh or two. Or even a three-star comedy. Just don’t say — if you have a low tolerance for crude, rude and lewd — that I didn’t warn you.


Some concepts in the film — written in part by Knoxville and Spike Jonze — are pretty funny, and Knoxville and the perfectly cast Nicoll have great chemistry throughout. But longtime “Jackass” director Jeff Tremaine consistently cuts away too quickly, undermining each joke in order to rush on to the next.

The film will be available on Netflix and Redbox in the Spring and it will probably be cheaper to wait and watch it at home.