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Pacific Rim getting mixed reviews, go ahead and wait for it on Redbox

Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

If you love Sons of Anarchy and Godzilla movies chances are you will love Pacific Rim and a lot of fanboys on the internet are gushing about how great the movie is. Guillermo del Toro is remaking the monster genre and has spent a ton of cash trying to make this the biggest movie of the summer. Jax Teller himself, Charlie Hunnam will try to take on a sea monster that is destroying everything in it’s path. The film has all the makings of a summer blockbuster but will it do well in the box office. Pacific Rim just came out on Redbox Instant and you can now watch it on your computer. Check out the Redbox Link below to watch it with a free trial.

The reviews are in.

Village Voice

” ‘Pacific Rim’ is just the kind of big-ticket sci-fi adventure you’d want del Toro to make — provided you’d want him to make one at all. The fact that a visionary director like del Toro is crafting movies like ‘Pacific Rim’ means there’s hope for blockbusters; it’s also depressing as hell. Is this what the multiheaded love-kaiju of Lovecraft, James Whale, Edgar Allan Poe, and Alfred Hitchcock should be making?”


Yeah, you can say I loved every frame of PACIFIC RIM. It’s the best movie of the summer. Cynics need not apply.

New York Post

Director del Toro keeps the fights clean and coherent, which (as we saw with “The Lone Ranger”) is not easy when working on such a gargantuan scale. The whole thing builds to one of the most stunningly eye-popping and exciting climaxes in years.

“Pacific Rim’’ is the very rare movie I’d actually recommend seeing in 3-D, because it so effectively immerses the viewer in the action. The Kaiju are computer-generated wonders, and the Jaegers make the Transformers look like … well, children’s toys.

Screen Daily

Pacific Rim never stirs the soul, but it does create a sense of awe thanks to the sheer audacity of del Toro’s vision. This movie works so hard to achieve maximum impact, but it skimps on the micro details.

Pacific Rim is a hit if you like Transformers and Godzilla movies but if you aren’t a big sci-fi fan maybe you should skip going to the theater and checking it on Redbox in December. The film will likely be released before the Christmas holiday when most summer blockbusters make their way to Redbox or DVD.