Trump haters in uproar after he misspells ‘Unprecedented’ on Twitter

Donald Trump haters are having a field day after the President-Elect misspelled unprecedented in a deleted tweet this morning about China intercepting a United States drone. The tweet was screenshotted and lives on on the internet as seen below.

Trump didn’t get the spelling right for ‘unpresidented’ and deleted the tweet and corrected in as you can see in the new tweet.

After a win in the electoral college but a loss in the popular vote Trump is a very polarizing figure and everything he does is subject to a lot of scrutiny. Hillary Clinton supporters wore him out on Twitter for the gaffe and are having a lot of laughs at his expense. A new hashtag #unpresidented has popped up on the social media site and people are ripping Trump left and right cracking jokes about the gaffe.

Trump insists he does his own tweeting but I would imagine that there is a staffer who does it for him. The President-Elect probably tells someone what to say and he puts in on Twitter in 140 characters or less.