Watch Ride Along on Redbox instead of theaters |

Watch Ride Along on Redbox instead of theaters

Kevin Hart is arguably the hardest comedian in Hollywood right now. He was just in Grudge Match and now he’s back with Ride Along alongside Ice Cube. It’s basically a buddy cop movie except Hart isn’t a police officer, he’s the soon to be brother in law of the disgruntled Atlanta police officer, Ice Cube.

The reviews for Hart’s new film are pretty bad as you can see below but the film was just released out on Netflix and you can now watch it on your computer. Check out the Netflix below to watch it with a free trial.


it seems apparent that “Ride Along” would have been better off either embracing the more serious tone (and taking an R rating) or just playing it much less serious overall (“Police Academy”). By middling it, going right through the goal posts of its genre, “Ride Along” ends up being a little more mushy and typical than it should have been given the great advantage with which the film began.


If you actually want to see some mayhem, though, there’s just enough here to make the effort worth your while. Story keeps the pace up with some satisfying action scenes. The stars do work hard to mine laughs.

Ultimately, though, the tired plot exists solely to pair Ice Cube’s slow-burn silence with Hart’s antic chatter. Each has a few amusing moments. But without any fresh material, both wind up spinning their wheels.

Rolling Stone

Ice Cube stars as an Atlanta detective who gives a ride-along to his sister’s boo (Kevin Hart, way better than his material) to prove he’s a shit-talking security-guard punk who’s “about one chromosome short of being a midget.” These are the jokes. I suggest you sit this ride out.

Maybe you should catch this one at home and not pay all the money for the theater.

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