Will Bernie Sanders run for President in 2020?

After losing the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton this summer Bernie Sander supporters have been angry about how their candidate was treated throughout the Democratic Primaries. Wikileaks exposed the party for working for his opponent giving her the upper hand and eventually the nomination. The chairwoman Donna Brazile was exposed as giving Clinton debate questions ahead of debates with Sanders.

Despite winning 23 states and setting fundraising records Sanders couldn’t overcome the Superdelegates that were established members of the party that ultimately supported the establishment candidate, Hillary Clinton.

As we all know Clinton lost against Donald Trump despite winning the popular vote. Many feel she wasn’t the best candidate the party had and Sanders might have been the guy to beat Trump. Clinton failed to turn out younger voters as well as African Americans who rallied around Barack Obama eight years ago. We’ll never know if Sanders could’ve turned out the vote like Obama had but most agree he didn’t get a fair shake in the process despite having the younger voters on his side.

Now that Trump is a few days away from becoming President a lot of people have been speculating at who will run against him in 2020.

Sanders will be 79 in 2020 which would make him the oldest man to run for President on a major party’s ticket. Ronald Reagan was 70 when he became President and 78 when he left office so it’s not outside the realm of possibility that Sanders could still run despite his age. Should Sanders run in 2020 a lot of emphasis would be put on his running mate due to his age if he won the nomination. Given the way the party treated Sanders he could run as an independent and not have to worry about Democratic party officials trying to screw him over.

New Jersey Senator Cory Booker is thought to be a rising star in the Democratic party and could run in 2020. As an African-American he could rally the black vote that Hillary Clinton failed to turn out in 2016.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo could run in 2020. It was rumored he wanted to run in 2016 but was stuck in the Democratic pecking order behind Clinton.

Clinton’s 2016 running mate Tim Kaine could run but after seeing how little value he added to the ticket earlier this year Kaine likely wouldn’t win the nomination. Kaine is part of the Democratic establishment and was shown to be a crony of Clinton in the leaked Podesta emails.

Elizabeth Warren could also run in 2020. However, she was shown to be another Clinton henchwoman in the leaked emails. She also got exposed as being bought and paid for by the financing industry. Those Podesta emails not only hurt the Democratic nominee but a handful of potential candidates as well.

On the Republican side I would expect Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz to run again. Rubio is an establishment candidate and he would likely run against President Trump who is not part of the establishment. Cruz became Trump’s rival on the campaign trail in 2016 and he could throw his hat back in the race as well. Ohio Governor Ted Kasich could also run. He would not back Trump after he won the nomination and has talked about running again. Kasich carried his home state in the primary but had little traction anywhere else and was an afterthought in the race behind Trump and Cruz.

And who knows, with the way Trump operates he might decide not to run in 2020 and the field could be wide open. If that happened Mike Pence could be the guy to beat in 2020.

A lot will still take place between now and 2018 when the field for the Democratic and Republican candidates start throwing their hats in the ring to take out Trump.